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my 2011: revisited

Looking back at my year, I realized it was still a pretty good one..there¬†were highs and lows, hits and misses, but I’m still grateful for the year that was…

Thumbs Up

1. my trips and travels – food trips in Cebu, nature-tripping in Tublay, Bolinao and Camiguin, the culture and history of Ilocos, Albay and Iloilo

2. approved funding proposals for continued advocacy work

3. finding time to write and get creative

4. paying off loans and debts

5. successful lectures/trainings/fora as opportunities for sharing my knowledge

6. various media exposures and recognition as a smalltime “celebrity”

7. staying in a relationship after realizing that it really takes work and commitment

Thumbs Down

1. my frequent asthma and hypertension attacks reminding me that this body is getting old

2. not enough time for bonding time w/ family and loved ones

3. seeming professional stagnation/career rut

4. lost friendships to departures, transfers or fights

And I have a feeling 2012 can get even better…:)