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50 Things About Me

50 Things To Know About Me

  1. I am a Speed-Reader
  2. I have ridden the then-longest Philippine zipline in Dahilayan, Bukidnon
  3. I am a bonafide bookworm/bibliophile
  4. I have tried the then-highest zipline in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato
  5. I can actually dance
  6. I have a Green Thumb
  7. I belong to 2 sororities in UP
  8. I got tattooed while in Bali, Indonesia
  9. I love singing karaoke
  10. I used to be a dead-shot with a slingshot
  11. I can play the piano
  12. My ears are pierced to wear earrings
  13. I spent childhood summers up North with Ilocano relatives shuttling between Baguio, the beaches of La Union and my Mom’s hometown of Vigan
  14. I am allergic to alcoholic beverages
  15. I sketch and draw to decompress and relax.
  16. I can’t eat seafood, particularly crustaceans like shrimp, crab, lobster and squid.
  17. I love Japanese food, particularly sushi and sashimi.
  18. The Southernmost country I have visited is Australia.
  19. My favorite dish from Southern Philippines is Sinuglaw – sinugba pork and kinilaw fish.
  20. The highest place I have visited is Kathmandu, Nepal.
  21. I have been to the Great Wall of China
  22. I have visited the Surabaya Zoo and got to see a live Komodo Dragon
  23. I tasted crocodile meat in Palawan
  24. I was able to try frogmeat when I was a kid
  25. I once kept a menagerie of pets that included dogs, cats, pigeons, white mice, hamsters, and tropical fish
  26. I was a Girl Scout with numerous merit badges in my youth.
  27. I keep a special notebook for dreams, thoughts, poems, or diary entries.
  28. I believe in keeping yearly desk calendars and diaries for appointments
  29. I love pasta with any kind of sauce except seafood
  30. My one vice is Coca-Cola
  31. My comfort food is grilled meat dishes
  32. My wisdom teeth never came out.
  33. I am not a very good swimmer
  34. I know a bit of karate
  35. I play billiards but my wifey is a better player
  36. I dress for comfort and convenience
  37. I snore when I sleep
  38. I have a small bladder so I frequently urinate
  39. I developed a mild ulcer in law school
  40. I tried smoking in college and developed asthma
  41. I have been to Geneva and spoken at the United Nations Human Rights Council
  42. I have spoken before European Union (EU) members in Amsterdam
  43. I represented the Philippines at an ASEAN +3 Ageing Conference
  44. I have small feet and wear size 5 shoes
  45. I once wore retainers for my lower teeth
  46. I have been wearing eyeglasses since high school, and wear grade 750 for my left eye and 550 for my right eye
  47. My parenting style is fun, instructive and disciplined
  48. I am not ticklish; no funny bone at all.
  49. I have an old knee cartilage injury from my youth
  50. I am great in bed JEUrepsAmsterdam

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