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Independence Day @Ecopark

i. With just my wandering thoughts leading me

My steps brought me here

To the greenery and the flowing waters

To where it all began

ii. Here underneath tall trees and gentle breezes

We began an adventure meant only for the strong of heart

You took to this journey w/ all the gusto and enthusiasm

That you rode the zipline with across the stream

iii. I remember the boatride, All the effort I put into rowing that little dingy

As you cheered on others who took the plunge

Love overflowing, your emotions echoed through the watershed

iv. but it had to come to this

like trees felled after the passing of storms

some relationships break in the midst of troubles

creeks once driven by rushing waterscan dry up and become

as barren and emptyas a feeling devoid of affection

v. and we find out that flowers lose their bloom

with the passing of every summer

the rains come and we are left hiding indoors in the misery of our loss

vi. yet we know that soon the deluge of tears

will eventually cease

and we shall venture out again

to a completely different world

vii. thicker vegetation, a variety of plants

promising to bloom and bear fruit,

where colourful flowers will once again

line the walkways and paint the scenery with happiness

viii. as I turn to leave, imprinting in my memory

the  beauty of this place,

like the passing of the seasons, I know

this heart too will endure..GPL  6/12/2012